Group Members
Riverina Arabians Inc.
Horsemanship Discussion and Practice Group!
Group Leader
- Julia Wynn --->

Those of us priveliged to visit Nashama Stud and see our Webmaster, Publlicity Officer, and now Group Leader, Julia, and her horses playing in the arena usually find themselves laughing as they have so much fun and wanting to know why they do not have that much fun with their horses. Julia is a practising equine acutherapist and has a wealth of herbal and scientific knowledge. 

Group Members:-
<-- Glen Hammond
Riverina President, Glen is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best bare-hoof trimmers around, his skill with hooves, massage and his gentle way with horses ensuring loyal and growing clientiele.
--> Nicole Whiles
Our Vice-President, Nicole, is one of our juniors and has extensive experience  with showing, dressage and in more recent times natural and holistic horsemanship.